Grades 8 through 12

Sapulpa Junior High School and Sapulpa High School students may receive a full-time or partial delivery of instruction through Sapulpa Virtual Academy. The program is free and offers these options; Full-time enrollment, Hybrid enrollment, and Credit Recovery. 
  • Full-Time Students - These students are enrolled in Sapulpa Virtual Academy on a full-time basis, and each course must be started from the beginning of the semester. Enrollment in SVA requires a commitment of at least one semester for students in 8th through 12th grades. Full-Time virtual students are responsible for completing all courses by the end of the semester in which the classes were assigned. Students who would like to participate in a competitive activity such as athletics, band, choir, etc, will be required to attend the class associated with the activity at the school site as part of the regular school day schedule and be subject to OSSAA academic eligibility rules for participation in extracurricular activities.
  • Hybrid Students - This option is for students in grades 9th through 12th only. These students are enrolled in a combination of online classes (first-time credit) and classes in a traditional classroom. Hybrid classes are scheduled during the school day as part of the regular schedule and are subject to OSSAA academic eligibility rules for participation in extracurricular activities. This option is beneficial to those students who want two classes that are only offered at the same time, who want an additional class, or those students who want a class that is not offered on campus. Juniors and Seniors are also able to participate in college and career courses offered at Central Tech and Tulsa Community College. Students participating in Hybrid or Credit Recovery must complete the Sapulpa Virtual Academy Agreement form and return it to the Virtual Coordinator.
  • Credit Recovery Students - These students are making up a class they have either failed or did not complete.
Each student will receive a school-issued Chromebook to complete coursework, access to highly-qualified, certified teachers for assistance, a virtual lab during regular school hours for one-on-one instruction, and the opportunity to maintain a sense of school pride through extra-curricular and after-school activities, all while learning from home. The coursework students will use is Edgenuity

We have compiled links to helpful video tutorials on Edgenuity's course map and grade system.

The Virtual Lab is located in the library at Sapulpa High School located at 3 S. Mission.

If you are interested in enrolling in Sapulpa Virtual Academy, please visit this page for more information.