Emergency Procedures

School Closing

Sometimes it is necessary to close school because of severe weather.

When this decision is made, it will be announced on:

KTUL Channel 8, KOTV Channel 6, KJRH Channel 2, WB 19, KRMG-740 AM, KQLL-FM, KOOL 106.1, KVOO-98.5FM, K95 FM/KWEN, KHIT/FM 106.9, KBEZ/FM 92.9, KMOD/FM 97.5, and several other radio stations.

You may also check for school closing information on district social media pages and www.sapulpaps.org


For transportation questions, call Sapulpa Public Schools Service Center at (918) 224-7089.


If heavy rains or hail are occurring at dismissal time, students may be held in the building until the intensity of the storm subsides. This is a judgment decision, which is made by each building principal.


Severe weather is a common occurrence in Oklahoma, especially in the spring. Each of our schools has a tornado procedure, and the faculty and students have storm drills periodically. If severe weather is rapidly approaching at the time of dismissal, students will be held at the school until the danger has subsided. If there is a tornado watch but no immediate danger, school will be dismissed on schedule.

Snow &

Early dismissal is not common in Sapulpa Public Schools because of our many working parents. Every effort is made to keep a normal afternoon schedule and any change would occur because of unusual circumstances. If early dismissal is warranted, we usually start the bus schedule one hour early. Because snow and ice conditions make travel slow, early dismissal does not necessarily mean students will arrive home early. Working parents should make arrangements to ensure their children know where to go for supervision should it be necessary to dismiss early to avoid hazardous street conditions.

 Fire Evacuation Procedures

Our faculty and students have fire drills periodically so students are aware of exit points.  If an actual fire occurs, students will be checked out after the Fire Marshal gives the “okay”.

Intruder on Campus

In this day and age, schools have to be prepared for many different emergency situations.  Just like fire and tornado drills, we also have Intruder on Campus drills.  Teachers spend time discussing with students different scenarios and the response that students should have.


For any questions or concerns, please feel free to call our school office at

(918) 224-8441