Sapulpa Public Schools strives to foster a cooperative relationship between parents and our administration, teachers, and staff. It is imperative the process is transparent in its willingness and approach.

Finding a resolution or an agreeable result for situations such as misunderstandings, complaints, concerns or recurring issues is of utmost importance to our District. These situations can usually be resolved in a quick and fair manner when they are addressed foremost at the level they occur. The following steps are recommended for resolution.

STEP 1 - Contact Staff Person or Teacher

Communicating with the person directly involved, via email and/or phone call, is the most direct route to addressing the situation whether it involves a teacher, bus driver, coach, administrator, or any staff member in our District.

See the Sapulpa Public Schools Staff Directory for staff email addresses or phone extensions by site. Clearly state your misunderstanding, complaint, concern or issue with the person directly involved in the email or phone call. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response. If the phone or email response is not satisfactory following this communication, proceed to Step 2.

If the situation, misunderstanding, concern, or complaint resides with an SPS bus driver or cafeteria staff person, contact the Service Center at 918-224-7089.

STEP 2 - Contact the Site Administrator (Principal)

Site Administrators are to assist with school operations including communication with parents, guardians and other stakeholders with their staff. They often have knowledge of procedures and policies that can assist with a resolution once the person directly involved is contacted and/or an attempt has been made to communicate with no resolution or result achieved.

Email or call the appropriate Site Administrator and thoroughly detail the information or exchange that occurred with the staff person or teacher in Step 1. Again, please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response.

Seth Shibley, Sapulpa High School, [email protected] or 918-224-6560

Denzil Stamper, Sapulpa Junior High School, [email protected] or 918-224-6710

Ashley Tselee, Bartlett Academy, [email protected] or 918-224-7958

Pete Carter, Sapulpa Middle School, [email protected] or 918-224-8441

Alison Owens, Freedom Elementary, [email protected] or 918-227-7838

Roger Johnson, Holmes Park Elementary, [email protected] or 918-227-6800

Gina Ritchie, Jefferson Heights Elementary, [email protected] or 918-224-2028

Jazzman Musgrove, Liberty Elementary STEM Academy, [email protected] or 918-224-1492

STEP 3 - Contact Central Administrator or Asst. Superintendent

If the misunderstanding, concern, issue or complaint has not been resolved following Steps 1 and 2, please contact the appropriate Central Administrator or Superintendent via email.

Johnny Bilby, Assistant Superintendent, HR Director & Student Services, [email protected]

James Lawrence, Director of Technology, [email protected]

Michael Rose, Athletics & Activities Director, [email protected]

Hayley Holmes, Child Nutrition (food service & cafeteria), [email protected]

Bridget Hailey, Mental Health Coordinator, [email protected]

STEP 4 - Formal Resolution Request Form

Steps 1-3 are considered the informal portion of the Resolution Procedure. If a resolution has not been achieved through contact with the Staff Person or Teacher, Site Administrator, or a Central Administrator, and a legitimate attempt has been made by the parent, guardian or stakeholder, fill out the Formal Resolution Request Form (link above is clickable and will direct you to the form to fill out) which will be submitted directly to the Superintendent.