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Sapulpa Junior High Bulletin for Tuesday, December 17, 2019


It has been noticed that several students have been coming to school with hair that is not compliant with school policy.  I have not done a great job of policing this matter. This is about to change. If your hair is colored, dyed, or has colors sewn into it, and these colors are not a natural, you have until we come back from Christmas Break, January 6, 2020, to become compliant with school policy.  Again, my leniency is due to the poor job I have done in enforcing this policy. I am accepting responsibility up to this point. Now the burden lies with you. If you have any questions regarding whether or not your hair is within the confines of school policy, please come see Mr. Shibley or Mr. Dixon and one of us will make the determination.  Even if your hair has been out of compliance or questionable for quite some time, it does not mean it is acceptable, it simply means we have not caught it or had time to deal with it.  Now is the time to start correcting the problem, not the day or weekend before we come back to school from Christmas. One month is plenty of time to get this problem corrected. Failure to be in compliance with school policy, within the allotted time, can/will result in some type of disciplinary action.


Mr. Shibley



Drivers ED for Spring Semester forms are in Jr. High office (classes are going to fill up quick, we only have 2 class times available.)



Attendance Appeals for 1st semester are due to Mandy in the Jr. High office by Friday, January 10th by 3 pm. 



Perfect Attendance

We will draw 2 students each month for perfect attendance. 


Important Information-

Students--- we have a new dress code policy!!! You may have holes in your jeans but they must be below fingertip length! Remember to wear your ID, and use clear water bottles only! No Yetis or Hydro Flasks!  




Are now on sale! See Mrs. Roberts, room 112, to purchase your yearbook for $35. You can also order online by going to and entering #12676



School-Sponsored Activities 

Unless you are in line at concessions stand, souvenir shop, or restroom, you are to be in the bleachers.  If you are asked to return to the bleachers multiple times, you risk being asked to leave the stadium.

Inappropriate behavior may result in dismissal from the event, with likely disciplinary action taken at school.  Remember, at all school-sponsored events, home or away, you are to conduct yourself in an appropriate, respectful manner. 

NO Outside Food or Drink!!!!!! 



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