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Educational Pathways: A Road to Innovative Learning
Sapulpa Educational Pathways Director, Mindy Englett, is on a mission. She, along with community and educational partners, is in the process of designing and develop an innovative Educational Pathways program for Sapulpa students. Students will have the opportunity to expand their learning experiences and customize their own educational journey.

Thanks to generous donations from the Make Sense Foundation and SeneGence founder and CEO, Joni Rogers-Kante, and her family, development for the Educational Pathways program is already underway.

Under the Chieftain Stronger Bond 2023 proposal, the new Sapulpa High School building will reflect and enhance this unique set of programs to best serve our students.

"Since the 2019-20 academic year, all 9th graders in Oklahoma must complete an Individualized Career Academic Plan, or ICAP," said Englett. "It is an intentional sequence of courses that indicate progress toward a post-secondary goal. We considered how we could make the most of this chance to give all Sapulpa students greater support for job exploration and the learning opportunities necessary to help them pursue those careers after graduation."

That, Englett says, is what led to the concept of Educational Pathways.

A New Sapulpa High School: Supporting Educational Pathways 
The program will be in place prior to the final completion of the new high school campus.

"New technology added throughout the building will only enhance instruction," said Englett. "The Pathways program will also offer more internship opportunities. They'll be able to gain practical, hands-on experience."

Through the Educational Pathways program, and new student learning environments inside a new high school, students will get access to some of the most cutting-edge equipment used in industry. A new Fabrication Lab, for instance, would give students the opportunity to use high-tech tools in 3D printing, welding, and more.

Community Partnerships: Key to Educational Pathways 
Sapulpa Public Schools is pursuing numerous partnerships to advance the Educational Pathways program. One of those alliances may be with area colleges and universities which could provide comprehensive dual enrollment programs, perhaps leading to a concurrent associate's degree for high school graduates. 

Another avenue includes career tech partnerships. SPS will work alongside Central Tech to give students access to practical training and workforce development, connecting them with careers immediately after graduation.

The goal of the Educational Pathways program is to meet the needs of each individual student, and set them up for success after graduation.

"This is an opportunity to grow Sapulpa courses and add more AP courses in the future," said Englett. "The important factor in this is that it is not just college or career tech driven. This is driven by what our individual students need for success. This is a time for them to develop a plan and explore future career options."

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Mindy Englett, SPS Educational Pathways Director
Mindy Englett, SPS Educational Pathways Director
[email protected]

Mindy Englett is a collaborative leader, mentor, and educator with advanced experience in classroom teaching and administration. Before joining Sapulpa Public Schools in the summer of 2023, she served as Superintendent and Principal at Avant Public School. Prior to leading the Avant district, she worked as a grant director, instructional coach and project coordinator at the Osage County Interlocal Cooperative.

She served at Tulsa Public Schools as an elementary mathematics instructional coach. Mrs. Englett was a classroom teacher in Osage Hills and Avant. She is working toward her Doctorate of Administration in Education degree from Oklahoma State University. She earned a Master's of Science in Teaching, Learning and Leadership from OSU and a Bachelor's of Science in Early Childhood Education from Bacone College.

"I believe strongly that schools need the community, and communities need schools. That is why it is vital we work together seamlessly," said Mrs. Englett, who is collaborating with a committee of community partners to develop the Educational Pathways program at Sapulpa Public Schools.

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