Sapulpa Public Schools expressly prohibits any form of bullying and encourages those who are subject to or witness such behavior to report it immediately.

Sapulpa School Board of Education policy 540.1.7 outlines the district's purpose about bullying and includes this Student Prevention and Intervention Report form.

These are not emergency reporting systems. If this is an urgent matter, please immediately call 911 or your school office directly. 

  • Please access this form to report a bullying incident claim you would like Sapulpa Public Schools administrators to investigate. You may remain anonymous however, it is often difficult to fully investigate a bullying claim that is reported anonymously.

  • Click here for Awareity, the Oklahoma State Department of Education reporting tool.  Reports can be submitted to OSDE about bullying/cyberbullying, child nutrition, civil rights, curriculum and instruction, fraud/embezzlement, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, legal concerns, professional standards/educator conduct, safety and security, school board complaints, data security and privacy, suicide/self-harm, sex discrimination or sexual harassment. In most cases, you can submit a report completely anonymously if you choose to. This reporting system is not intended to replace direct contact with school leaders. Please feel free to contact your local school or district office directly with any issues or concerns you may have.

  • The state of Oklahoma's School Security Institute has a threat reporting tipline. Text "OKSThreat" to 226787 to submit an anonymous tip that will keep your school safer from threats. 

    Text OKSThreat to 226787 or call the emergency tipline 1-855-337-8300 (phone number for emergencies only)