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On March 2, 2021, voters approved a School Bond totaling more than $1.6 million in projects to help continue growing the educational needs of Sapulpa Public Schools students.

Proposition 1 was used to:
  • Purchase and install furniture, fixtures and equipment district-wide to include but not be limited to: classroom/library furniture, security upgrades, and HVAC
  • Purchase new band instruments
  • Purchase equipment for Athletics, Cheer, and Ping Pings programs
  • Purchase equipment for Ag program
  • Purchase digital curriculum/textbooks district-wide
  • Purchase and install technology district-wide
  • Repair/replace roofs as needed
The total amount of Proposition 1 equals $1,195,000.

Proposition 2 was used to:
  • Purchase vehicle(s) for student transportation, including: Additional vehicle with wheelchair lift to accommodate Special Education students; Vehicle for Ag program; Activity Bus; Route Bus
The total amount of Proposition 2 equals $450,000.

Based on the assessed property valuations and taxation over the past three years, there was no projected tax increase.

Bond Transparency Act