May 2023 Chieftain Chat

April 2023 Chieftain Chat

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Prep Factory ACT - Create a free account and work through the ACT, building points as you improve your score. Many of the activities are in game format.

ACT Academy - Create a free account for ACT strategies, tutorials, and practice tests.

MGH Education Practice Plus - Access free ACT sample tests with videos by ACT coaches.

Zero Hour Threat - Play the video game designed to improve ACT scores.

Econedlink - Video lessons and activities varying in length from 10 minutes and up to help with Financial Literacy.

Oklahoma History Center - Links to various virtual exhibits and activities for Oklahoma's history.

Brief History of Oklahoma - Independent research with links to various aspects of Oklahoma's history.

Kuta Software - Subject area is Algebra 1 through Pre-Calculus. Click on the "Free Worksheets" tab to access your course and find worksheets (including answer keys) for review of concepts.

Cool Math - Video games reinforce math skills and problem solving through Pre-Algebra.

Math Playground - Parents of middle school students can register and receive progress reports. The content will get harder or easier according to how students answer the questions. If a question is missed, an explanation is given and more practice comes next. It is designed to be used about 20 minutes per session.

YouCubed (Jo Boaler's Mathematics Resources) - Click on Tasks and More in the menu bar to access a variety of problem solving tasks for middle school students.