The Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (MCJROTC) Program serves to develop informed and responsible citizens as well as a deep sense of pride and character in Sapulpa Junior and Senior High School students.

It is a unique program that stresses the learning of leadership skills that will enhance the lives of the young adults who participate.

In order to fulfill its mission, the Marine Corps JROTC Program seeks to fulfill the following objectives:
  • Give students an appreciation for the origin, advantages, and responsibilities of citizenship in our country.
  • Develop in students an understanding of good leadership skills and the advantages of strong moral character.
  • Promote in the students an understanding for the need and application of our national security.
  • Develop in students a sense of pride and direction in their maturity and personal discipline.
  • Teach students to understand and respect the need for constitutional authority as the foundation of a democratic society.
MCJROTC is at its essence a Leadership Education Program meant solely to develop character and citizenship. Although a comprehensive learning environment anchored in a military structure is not for all students, there is a body of defendable academic knowledge that clearly articulates the significant benefit to those that choose to participate.